DWP - Overpayment Debt, Over 6 years

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Hi all

After many years and with help from this site I have managed to get rid of the mortgage shortfall with the B&B.

Now I have another issue now, DWP overpayment, is approx 7.5 years old with no contact, can anyone tell me if Statute barred comes in here, on there internal computer printouts it says Case is time barred????????????? could do with a little help.

If anyone wants to know how I got through the B&B please email with phone number.

Regards Gary

-- Gary (gary_maund@msn.com), December 05, 2004


Go to your nearest CAB for advice or consider getting copy of the Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits handbook from CPAG for about 9 (it is normally 32 but if you are a claimant you get it for about 9) - they have a website www.cpag.org.uk

This is a complex matter and "common law" allows them to recover the money via the courts and that's where you need to find out if such attempts are statute barred. But even so, they can only recover overpayments under certain circumstances ie: where you misrepresented info, failed to report a change in circumstances etc.

Best to seek proper advice asap.

Good luck


-- Moira (Anderston828@aol.com), December 07, 2004.

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