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In looking over the new "Trackside around Atlanta with Howard Robins" written by our very own Paul Faulk and published by MSB, an interesting looking cab from A&WP surfaced. I was able to make out its number (#531) and noted its similar appearance to a SP C30 class cab. I cannot recall the page number since I am away from home currently, but IIRC it was located in the GA or WoA sections and featured a NW-2 switching out a cut while the cab is located behind the unit in a clearly visible 3/4 view. Can anyone provide some insight into this unique looking cab for me as I'd love to construct a model of it. One reason why it caught my eye, is the rather odd color, brown. Nearly all of the cabs I've seen from the GA groups diesel days were a strikingly beautiful red. A&WP 531 appears to be constructed of wood in a fashion like that of the wood sheathed ACL M3s or the SAL 5200s. Thank you in advance for the assistance.

-- Justin R. May (mayjustin@earthlink.net), December 05, 2004


hi justin, maybe i can help. 531 i think is an x L&N little woody. overland models made the model in brass as i had one and sold it on ebay. i think they got them post war and it was too late for my era.i have a picture of a 5 window A&WP cab that is most strange and have not seen another of its type.hope this helps, tom

-- tom wilson (hawks405@aol.com), March 10, 2005.

All three of the Georgia Roads had cabooses like this, as did the Georgia and Florida, and all four roads later rebuilt them with metal sides. While the G&F cabs retained their four windows the GA and West Point Route cabs lost the inner two windows.

A photo of WofA 160 in its later appearance (as a steel sided car) can be seen on George Elwood's Railroad Fallen Flags site. Here is the address (you may have to copy and paste it into your address bar): http://rr-fallenflags.org/wa/wa-c160abp.jpg

Other photos can be found at the Georgia Railroad - West Point Route List at Yahoo Groups. (Sorry... Yahoo requires a person to join before they allow you to view the files and photos section. I use to have these public but Yahoo won't allow this to be done anymore.) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GA-WPR

-- Jerry M. LaBoda (laboda@bellsouth.net), December 06, 2004.

I have a B/W 5"by8" glossy of #531 taken in 1951 in Montgomery by Eugene Ellis. I believe that I may have bought it at Gaithersburg a while back from an esteemed member of the ACL/SAL HS. The cab (4 windows on each side) is indeed a thing of beauty, and is pictured by itself standing in a yard. It is wood covered with marker lights prominately affixed to the end of one of it's 'awnings'.. Obviously, I cannot discern the color from this photo, but recall seeing many of those beautiful red jobs rolling down the ole West Point Route when I was a lad.

-- Greg Hodges (lynnhodges@earthlink.net), December 05, 2004.

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