Casoli or QB carbon fibre. which has best finish? : LUSENET : MV Agusta F4 : One Thread

im looking at buying carbon fibre parts for my bike. Does anyone have an opinion on which product is best?

Cheers Bowie.

-- eric bowman (, December 04, 2004


Yo! Both products are interesting and is very good. Some people have different feelings about them. I have bought several aftermarket parts from different people, Casoli, Ferraci, Pirates Lair, MV Agusta Special Parts and they all serve me well. I will get a large capacity airbox & airtube from QB Carbon soon after the holidays. Will tell you how they fare once I got them on my bike. Cheers!

-- AJ (, December 05, 2004.

I have recently replaced all of the panes with Carbon fibre. I brought most of the panels from World of QB. The Screen and radiator cover from Casoli. All is fitted and now and looks great, both have a similiar weave (very important if you are mixing suppliers) Would compare costs and delivery times.

-- Mark Sweeting (, December 07, 2004.

Have bought Casoli rear hugger and more recently QB rear hugger and would recommend the QB rear hugger over the Casoli one. The quality of their materials is similar it's just that the QB has a better fit.

-- Takis Markatos (, December 09, 2004.

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