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It looks like I will have the possibility of getting into Chechnya shortly.

Has anyone been there recently? Can you give me an idea of what to expect? I've never been. How do the authorities on the ground react to cameras? Any tips would be useful.



-- Paul Hardy Carter (, December 04, 2004


Are you in Chechnya yet? I thought I might be able to share some insight if you are interested. Thanks.

Chris Ditto

-- Chris Ditto (, December 30, 2004.

Thanks Chris.

Actually I don't think I'll be going in the near future. I came to the conclusion that the people I was due to be going with didn't know what the hell they were doing, which I considered a bad sign.

Things may change of course, as things have a habit of doing, and I'm still very interested in the area, so I'd be very grateful for any pearls of wisdom you can cast my way.

When were you last there?


-- Paul (, January 03, 2005.


I tryed to go to Chechnja. First you need a permision from Russian autoruities. Bloody hell. If you will be lucky you will payd aroud $1.500+ for week long travel. Uder full comrades control. Russians are like Talibs: same tricks. Please contact if you need more ihfo. I'll still thinking about this idea but it's too expensive for me. Not sure that communist style propoganda is cost this money.


-- Allen Joelson (, January 05, 2005.

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