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Been in u.s since 1986, I missed a immigration appt date for asylum interview, which after that they sent me a deportation letter. I was 19 at that point, so I left voluntarily, leaving my u.s citizen family behind to Canada, when I went there I changed my name and date of birth. 3.5 yrs letter, I came back to u.s under a new name and under I Ė20 visa. Now thatís expired and I also got married to my long time g/f which she is a citizen of u.s. The question is if I apply for my green card do I have to disclose everything, if so what r the chance of immigration accepting my application for green card. Once they get me in their office will I be arrested, If I apply for a waiver do I have to leave the u.s or can it all be done in the state Iím in. Iíve been here now for 4 yrs w/ out any status, but Iím fine Iím w/ my wife and family here. Iím just afraid if I do apply for anything, its going to lead to deportation again. What do u advice?

-- Andrew Tegean (, December 03, 2004

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