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I am in dire need of a super-automatic or semi-automatic espresso machine in the next, oh, 8 hours or so. I'm in North Alabama, and willing to drive pretty much anywhere that I can get there-and-back withing that time frame (Nashville, Guntersville, Florence, possibly Memphis, etc.).

I have a Jura X70 which is on the fritz (not heating properly, everything else is fine), and an S70 that has also lost its ability to heat (likewise, everything else about it is fine), and I need a THIRD machine to try to hold the fort while I have to get those repaired. Naturally, if I could miraculously get the heating element in one or both of them replaced or repaired in the same timeframe, that would be even better.

I'm willing to buy or rent or borrow in exchange for a smallish organ (kidney, spleen, appendix, etc.). But I can't find any vendors in the area, not even in Nashville. Any suggestions?

-- Ryan Waldron (, December 02, 2004

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