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I used to do image transfers on my Vivitar instant slide printer, with polacolor ER type 669 film and polacolor 2 type 108 film. I dusted off my old Vivitar this week and went to buy some film, but was told that Polaroid no longer makes those films. The camera shop suggested I buy Fuji FP-100c. I tried it, with terrible results. Not only did the film jam in my printer, but when I was able to make a transfer with it, it was mostly green. Can you help me? That was an expensive mistake!

-- leslie kilduff (, November 30, 2004


Hi Leslie,

I don't know anything about 108 film, but you can order 669 film from and it should work with your image transfers. It is $9.45 plus shipping for a 10 pack.

Good luck! Angela

-- Angela Winholtz (, December 01, 2004.

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