Drydens - are they allowed to do this?

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I had a knock at my door this evening at 5.30pm from a man who said he was an agent from Drydens. He had climbed over my gate to get into the garden! He had some documents with my name on which I could not see clearly and he asked if I was employed. I told him I was not.(Perhaps I shouldn't have done but I was taken unawares).

He asked questions about my husband but I said that was not relevant to this matter and he did not pursue it. He said he could find out for himself so I left it at that. I told him that I would answer questions in court and he said he would report back to Drydens to this effect.

My question is should I write to Drydens about this or just ignore it. Has anyone else had a visit like this, is it a pre court thing. Are they allowed to do this?

I am also being pursued by Abbey using Halliwells and if I do go to court and go bankrupt will this be taken into account as well?

I do not own now or have not owned any property since the repossessed ones, my husband owned his own house when I met him and I have never been named on deeds. I do not work, I do not own anything and have not had bank, or building society accounts for 10 years.

Thankyou to people who have answered my previous postings.


-- Pat Reynolds (preynolds1566@hotmail.com), November 29, 2004


I thought as this was sent to me privately some of you 'kinder' people who have themselves been victims of malpractice by building socities and banks would like to see it. Is this person sending 'helpful and supportive' messages to anyone else to try and undermine this site? Thanks again to those genuine helpers.

The e-mail I had sent direct to me was as follows:-

gorden c downey (privateeye@hotmail.com) responded to a message you left in the Repossession bboard:

Subject: Response to Drydens - are they allowed to do this?

youre obviously an idiot and i hope you get your ass thrown in jail for leaching off the system and not paying your bills. Find something better to do then waste my precious reading time with your stupid questions.


-- Pat (preynolds1566@hotmail.com), November 30, 2004.

One wonders who the idiot is here and why he would be reading a site like this if he has such strong opinions on the topics it covers!! I would suggest you ignore him, the situation you are in is difficult enough without timewasters like this. Maybe, he's just bitter and twisted because he's a "banker" who can't get management of his own branch?

Serious;y, if you can't afford professionaly help from a solicitor try IBAS, they charge a single fixed fee for a year, are really helpful and should be able to advise you over the phone if they think they can assist you before you pay.

Good Luck!


-- andrew deackes (andrew.deackes@lineone.net), November 30, 2004.

Thankyou Andy,

Your reply has cheered me up. I will give IBAS a try as several postings are complimentary about them.

Thanks again,


-- Pat (preynolds1566@hotmail.com), November 30, 2004.

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