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For Information, Go-Debt(.co.uk) are a department within Edwards Geldard Solicitors. in Cardiff.

They use the name Go-debt to chase Mortgage shortfalls.

-- Mr "Smith" (keszr1100@yahoo.com), November 29, 2004


Ex-wife now being pursued (see success story 1 TMC/Esheds) by these chancers at Edwards Geldard.

Seeing as, for starters, they are referring to the address of the property incorrectly (wrong house number), I've suggested that she doesn't even reply for now.

My gut feeling is that they've possibly won the business from Eversheds (possibly the partner(s) responsible have moved firm - this firm is in the same area as Eversheds Debt Recovery) and then been handed a bunch of dead-files to try to squeeze some cash out of them - to prove themselves in some way. Best initial advice therefore is possibly not even to reply at this stage, see if they do go away, particularly if you've already dealt with (or otherwise seen off) one set of solicitors as in my case.

Painful and stressful as this can be - having been there myself - from my 'in the clear' position I'm looking forward to kicking some ass on ex-wifes's behalf! Tally ho!

-- Andy T (same_guy@cantgopublic.com), December 14, 2004.

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