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I would like to start rowing for exercise and am looking for an open water boat (areas available to row would be bays or ocean with the seas you could expect in these waters). One boat I am considering is the Little river Heritage 18. Can anyone tell me if this boat is suitable for this kind of water and use? Ken

-- Ken Peters (lkpeters23@comcast.net), November 25, 2004


Dear Ken,

Unless you do something really foolish, you won't get into any trouble rowing this boat in the places you describe. With the proliferation of sea kayaks that we see absolutely everywhere, I'm amazed that people still ask questions like this. Almost any of these types of boats are drier, more stable and safer than just about any kayaks out there. I should add that this statement applies to many other similar boats. Stop worrying and start rowing.



-- Andre de Bardelaben (middlepath@aol.com), November 25, 2004.

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