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In 1993 we gave back our keys leaving no forwarding address. We now live elsewhere in Europe but due to family circumstances it is likely that we'll need to go back to the u.k. soon. We would not be looking for another mortgage but would need to open a bank account. We would intend to live in the same town again and would have to register on the electoral roll. We have no information on the repo/sale of our former house as no contact has ever been made. Any advice welcome

-- jacob white (jacob.white@hotmail.esp), November 24, 2004


NO. Simple answer. We handed our keys back in 1989 and the Bradford and Bingley pop their heads up every few years!

-- Mrs Patricia Grice (, December 02, 2004.

Hello, This is very difficult for you, but 1993 is a long time ago. B&B found me out of the blue and it could have been any number of reasons, probably the main one was that they did they survey on my new house!!!. On the electoral roll, you can tick a box which doesn't display your name at the address. Check out the form. Follow the advice on this site about how not to drop yourself in it. Try to remember that you are not a bad person because you left the property and moved away. You must have suffered from losing your home like the rest of us and you didn't purposely (how do you spell that?!) set out to default on your mortgage - who would?

-- Hester Deackes (, December 03, 2004.

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