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hey everybody and fellow a 16 year old junior and briarcliff high school in NY. In february im am doing a rave type thing for my school and i just wanted to know if anybody her has any advice for me...ive been raving since 8th grade i know what to do its just im the only one that i know who really can do it and was just aksing if anybody can help me make things better for me so email me or IM me im pretty good with sticks and am dying to learn with strings lol cause im pretty bad at them i can pretty much only do some form of figure 8 with the strings if youd call it what i do hahahaha so just let me know and id appreciate it thanks ppl PEACE

-- Anonymous, November 22, 2004


For a start bloke, you shouldn't be trying to make it better for you, but everybody there!!! However, if ya wanna indulge yourself only, just have a couple of good eccies (I've been to America several times and I'm yet to find a good one - Hello America - An eccie requires MDMA to be in it to be classified an eccie for fuck sake!) and you'll have a great time champ. A good enough pill and you'll have fun cutting the grass on the skool field with your mum's paper scissors! Fuck them glo sticks off though mate - they're for fishing!!! :-)

-- Anonymous, December 30, 2004

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