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If you install the battery in wrong, blow a fuse then install the battery in correct and still blow a fuse, how do you fix?

Long story short I was winterizing my f4 EVO2, and I made a stupid mistake by not paying attention. I removed the battery and put it on a trickle charger, then put it back in the bike wrong. Now I blow the "master/guage cluster" 7.5 Amp fuse whenever I turn the ignition on. (I re-installed the battery correctly the 2nd time.) What could I have done to the Bike? Is it possible that I shorted the control module? The battery is fully charged, but could the polarities have been reversed? I'm no electrical expert. Any advise would be good. Thanx, LEX

-- Alex Laursen (, November 22, 2004


Alex it is possible that when you blew your fuse two opposing cables that where very close together fused together thus blowing your fuse whenever you replace it. check your connectors.

-- dave pennock (, January 27, 2005.

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