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I've done extensive research and have the business experience to run a successful Coffee Drive-Thru, especially in Las Vegas.

I just need a location (space in a parking lot) in Las Vegas to lease. Looking for a high-traffic area, preferably in a shopping center near Summerlin. But, I'm open to other areas. Having a hard time finding the right one.

Any leads and advice greatly appreciated. Madeleine X

-- Madeleine X (, November 22, 2004


Dear Madeleine:

Be very careful as to what location you choose in Las Vegas. Starbucks had about ten Drive-Thrus and anothe firm had about 13 Drive-Thrus about two years ago, when we did a study.

It seems that Starbucks has a lock on the great locations due to who they are and any great sites go to them.

We were not able to raise the proper capital to go into Vegas as we would have had to relocat our homes, etc.

If we can be of any help to you please let us know.

George E. Lyons CEO

415 307 5060 mobile web site.

-- George E. Lyons (, December 06, 2004.

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