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FYI, Guy's when you go to your shop in search of a board that you need for a job and your supervisor hands you a board made by Mathis Electronics. Smile and thank him for the OT. I've used 3 boards from mathis one Dover option board, a Dover power board and a MAC 104 door board and all three had one thing in common they were bad right out of the box. Hope the savings buying cheap copies are worth the labor and Mathis my kids will thank you come christmas time.

-- Clark (, November 21, 2004


since you have so much money, why not give it back to Nikki

-- whilly (, November 27, 2004.

Hi There, I once had a 10 year old motion controler with a sweo drive ac and the drive went out and motion would not suppport it and they wanted to sell me a new controler. I contacted baldor who bought Sweo who would not touch it either and got some board prints and sent the drive to Mathis and they found the problem and got me out of a jam. It was a single elevator bldg and a full maint. customer with many other bldgs. Thank you Mathis. Jim

-- Jim (, November 29, 2004.

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