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Thoidi viết như vầy:

Anh muốn cho ch biết l Việt nam thay đổi kh nhanh, ch đừng sống với ci c mộng AK47 nữa, ch cứ suốt ngy bị m ảnh ci nng AK d vo tai th khng sao m thot ra được ci định kiến của mnh đu. Cn chuyện VN khng "dn chủ" kiểu Mỹ bằng Mỹ th anh cng nhận.

Nhưng m anh đo nghĩ l
dn chủ c thể gip VN đuổi kịp cc nước trong khu vực đu,
c khi n cn hm kinh tế l khc,
v n gy mất ổn định chnh trị.

-- thoidi lừa bịp (, November 21, 2004


Response to Thoidi là cán bộ CS ?

cung dung chap^' con Khi~ thoi di khong bu' nua~

no' chi khec. vai cau ngan' cun~ con~ nhu cai' ta~ no' dang mac. tu` khi di theo Ho Chi Minh phong dai'' cung la` thuoc' do bo^. nao~ cua no'

-- Ma co Ho Chi Minh (, November 21, 2004.

Response to Thoidi là cÃn bộ CS ?

An Interview with former political prisoner

Tran Manh Quynh

After being released from the prison camps in Vietnam and returned to his home in San Jose, California, USA, in September 1998, the former political prisoner Tran Manh Quynh has been interviewed by various Vietnamese and international periodicals. Following are some highlights of his responses.

On praises of his heroic stand

"I am just a humble contributor, trying to do my small part in the collective endeavor to bring happiness to our homeland, Vietnam."

On feeling toward his captors

"If I should meet them again some day, I'll see them no different from other fellow human beings. The communist ideology and regime are my enemies; not the people."

"My goal is to end the current oppression in Vietnam; not to seek revenge. I carry no animosity against my captors."

On the ideological struggle

"I have always believed in the final victory of righteousness over barbarity, of justice over evil, of human love over animalistic instinct. I wish our people will harbor even more magnanimity and behave even more humanely to win over people's hearts. As for myself, I bear no animosity. I think our aim should be to fight against the oppressive policies, but to win over other human beings."

On his arrest

"My initial plan was to destroy the Ho Chi Minh statue in front of the Rex Cinema as an act of political protest against the symbol of this brutal regime. But after many investigations, I was worried that my plan, if carried out, would cause many deaths since the location was always crowded with people. Therefore, I decided to move my target to the Ho Chi Minh Museum. But again, this place was frequented by tourists. I convinced myself that my target was the communist symbol, not the tourists. While deciding on how to destroy the building without causing harm or injury to the people, I was arrested by Hanoi authorities. I have no regret, though, for such delay, which cost me dearly."

"I have prepared myself very carefully for the consequences, including death. So upon being arrested and during my trial and imprisonment, I was not terrified. My captors knew they could not break me down."

On treatment in prison

"I confirm that the prison guards did not torture me. They, however, treated me with coldness and roughness. They showed me no mercy. But that was the regime's policy, which they must follow. I met some younger prison guards who did show some kindness.

One time, I was so cold in solitary confinement due to undernourishment and lack of clothes, a young cadre tried to throw me a blanket through an opening in the cell door. He tried hard but could not push the blanket through. He finally gave up for fear of being caught by others. He then returned a moment later to give me a cigarette and a match. I could not recognize his face in the dark but tried to remember him by the watch on his wrist. Later on, when I tried to acknowledge him privately, he just ignored my signal, understandably out of fear. I wanted to say thank but I am sure he understood. The small gesture of kindness and humanity from this young cadre was a fire that gave me warmth and hope."

On reasons for his release

"Other political prisoners and I are just bitter medicine to the Hanoi regime...It spit us out only because it's so bitter for the regime to swallow. The release was not based on humanitarian ground. I want to reemphasize that this regime is still very oppressive, brutal and inhumane - even to their own comrades!

They (Hanoi authorities) released us because of the pressure from the world community, from our people overseas, who care and raise awareness of Hanoi's violation of human rights, and demanded for our release. Under this huge diplomatic and economic pressure, Hanoi just cave in...and release us!

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my friends, Vietnamese people, and international organizations, who have actively participated in the campaign for the release of myself and other political prisoners in Vietnam."

On action and hope for the future

"The Vietnamese overseas in the recent years have become a force to be reckoned with, have deeply influenced people inside Vietnam - even communist party members. I sincerely hope that the overseas community maintains this spirit and practice the kind of democratic principles we all wish to bring to Vietnam. Together, we will be a united force to push forth our struggle and free Vietnam.

I pledge my commitment to work with my people both inside and outside Vietnam to achieve:

- An unconditional release of all political prisoners in Vietnam, and - A free, democratic, and prosperous Vietnam."

--------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

-- thi i cần học hỏi l 1 cn bộ Việt Cộng [chibua] (|||||A|||, November 21, 2004.

Response to Thoidi là cán bộ CS ?

Toi de nghi (|||||A||| khong post bai tieng My dai qua. Nguoi trong nuoc ( khong ai cung biet tieng My) ho se khong doc ? Su that nhieu khi mat long. Xin thong cam. Xin dung gian. Cam on nhieu. Toi phai di lien, khong co gio de viet day du giau cham, giau phay. Xin loi.

-- (, November 21, 2004.

Response to Thoidi là cán bộ CS ?


-- (|||||A|||, November 21, 2004.

Response to Thoidi là cán bộ CS ?

good link

-- Ho Chi Minh Ma Co (, November 21, 2004.

Response to Thoidi là cán bộ CS ?

Ch postlai bảo anh l cn bộ CS g đ th kệ mẹ ch thi, anh đo quan tm. Nhưng tại sao ch bảo anh lừa bịp? Ch c thấy thằng Tu n đo c dn chủ m sao gn 2 chục năm nay n pht triển nhanh nhất thế giới? Nhanh đến nỗi n phải hm tốc độ pht triển kinh tế? Thế th dn chủ đo phải ci gốc của kinh tế, n thin nhiều hơn về quyền con người. Cc cụ bảo rồi, ph qu sinh lễ nghĩa. Dn chủ m ngho như cặc th dn chủ lm đo g? Thằng no thch gương dn chủ đa đảng th lấy Campuchia, Indonesia m soi, nh, v bọn ấy n mới c nền kinh tế, chnh trị, văn ha tương đương Việt nam. Đừng c ngu si m lấy v dụ Anh, Mỹ l ci bọn n đ vo nếp dn chủ từ hng trăm năm trước. Cũng đừng lấy v dụ Hn quốc, Nhật bản, Singapor l ci bọn n giu trước rồi mới dn chủ sau.

-- (, November 21, 2004.

Response to Thoidi là cán bộ CS ?

May muon co deo gi dan chu de ong va cha chung may ngoi tren ghe cai tri dan den chung tao (ai ma khong biet ?!!!). Vay co nen thoa man yeu cau cua may hay khong ? Noi voi chung may tao thay bat dau buc roi!!!

-- Xman (, November 21, 2004.

Response to Thoidi là cán bộ CS ?

Con Vem nay` no' so sanh' VN voi' Cam bot !!!!!

Cam bot con` dang bi. tui. may` kiem soat' ma` dan chu~ con cac. gi` ???? tui. may` voi' thang` Hun sen la` 1 ma` may` mua' mo Cam bot co' dan chu~

Nam duong khong kha' hon cai' nuoc' Vn mat. rep. a` ???? me. kiep chung' may` co' qua Nam duong bao gio chua ma` may` lao' the^' ???

tao so sanh' 1 cong dan Nam duong va` 1 thang` Tau` cong....thi` oho .... nguoi` Nam duong co' trinh` do va` lich su. hon 1 thang` Tau` cong 50 lan^` .....Nam duong chua thanh` 1 con rong Chau a' that su. boi vi` con` phien loan. + 1 quoc gia con` ky` thi. ton giao' .....nhung Nam duong van kha' hon tui. moi. CS la` khong dan ap' ton giao' 1 cach' man ro.

may` can phai mo mang kien thuc' nhieu hon ...quanh quan may cai' dai` tuyen truyen ngu xuan cua Vem. chi lam` oc' cua may` mu. di thoi thang` dau^ bo` thoi di khong bu' nua~

-- Ma co Ho Chi Minh (, November 21, 2004.

Response to Thoidi là cán bộ CS ?

Ci ch thi đi cần học hỏi đang l sự cn. Đại Hn, Sư Tử Thnh, Nhật [ sau 1945 ] l những nước c dn chủ ko l cộng sản độc ta.

Dn chủ độc ti của Nam Hn v sư tử thnh cho dn được tự do lm ăn, cấm tham nhũng, bảo vệ cc chủ hng v cng nhn, dng ti nguyn để mở mang kinh tế, kỹ nghệ cn VN hiện Nay l 1 đống rc CHXHCN ko c đường lối, tham nhũng ph hoại mọi đời sống ko thể mở mang kinh tế

-- (DrX@Carị, November 21, 2004.

Response to Thoidi là cán bộ CS ?

Anh thch cụm từ "dn chủ độc ti" của ch :)). Cc ch cứ từ từ suy nghĩ lời anh ni, c nhiều thứ cho cc ch học đấy, đừng vội sồn sồn ci chy ci cối.

-- (, November 21, 2004.

Response to Thoidi là cán bộ CS ?

Hoc gi ? ...Hoc ngu nhu cheDo Cong san a ? ....Ke ngu moi nghi thien ha ngu nhu minh ?....Hieu chua ?....

-- Ho chi Minh Dam tac . (vietnamcongsans Nuoi heo nhieu lam'' tieu doi nay mai, November 21, 2004.

Response to Thoidi là cán bộ CS ?

Trch từ Dữ Kiện v Ti Liệu chứng minh ảng Cộng Sản Việt Nam phản bội Tổ Quốc Dn Tộc

Kết quả 1 phần của khng dn chủ ?

Qua tiết lộ chnh thức của Thứ Trưởng Ngoại Giao CSVN L Cng Phụng, Việt Nam đ mất một nửa thc Bản Giốc nổi tiếng v t nhất 100 mt bề ngang của vng đất thin ling Ải Nam Quan cho Trung quốc [đảng CSVN đ cắm cột mốc số 0 cch cửa khẩu Trung quốc trn 200m tức l Việt Nam mất trn 100 thước đất bề ngang bởi v theo Cng ước 1887 th cột mốc bin giới Việt Nam ở đy (số 18 c tn l Nam Quan) chỉ cch cửa khẩu Trung Hoa đng 100 thước ( 100 m au S de la porte)]. Nhiều học giả khc cho biết Việt Nam mất từ 700 đến 2000 cy số vung.

Tờ bo thin tả nổi tiếng LExpress của Php tiết lộ l Việt Nam mất cho Trung quốc trn đất liền v mặt biển ln đến 15 ngn cy số vung (up to 15000 square kilometers have been lost) tức l nếu trừ đi 11.163 km2 diện tch mặt biển mất cho Trung quốc

th đảng CSVN đ dng cho Bắc Kinh gần 4 ngn km2 trn đất liền (up to 15000 square kilometers have been lost quoted by Al Santoli, Hanoi cedes land and sea territories to China: Chinese military budget worries Asian neighbors, China Reform Monitor no. 435, 13-03-2002, American Foreign Policy Council, Washington, D.C.)

-- CSVN bn nước ? (, November 21, 2004.

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