OTIS MRV deflector sheave

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Is there another source other than UNITEC for replacement bearings.

Aslo what is best proceedure on replacing bearings. Does motor have to be removed ?

-- Tom (tisacs@deltaelevator.com), November 20, 2004


If you know what size bearings you need any industrial bearing shop can probably get them for you. Thats where Otis gets them from anyways. Even the big "O" dosent make their own bearings. As for changeing them there is a wide variety of methods which all depend on machine,roping,jobsite conditions,and of course knowledge and experience. I dont want to offend anyone but if you are not sure you might want to find someone other then yourself to do it. We all need help sooner or later but replacing bearings can be a pain in the ass sometimes and you might cause yourself more headaches then you want to deal with. I worked for Otis for a long time and they used alot of diffrent types of machines all during the Mrs,Mrvf,and Mrv period. Alot of them had traction problems also so just be safe. Tell me what kind of machine and I will try to help you out. I have had problems with yahoo so the e-mail address is no longer good but write a post on this and I will get it from there.

-- fixalift (fixalift@yahoo.com), November 20, 2004.

If the machine is a geared 270 degree wrap machine, changin the bearings could not be easier. The sheave comes out through the machine room floor. At least that is how we did it last on the MRVF cars i have over here. Hang the car, get slack on the cables, pull the whole sheave out through the MR floor and take the sheave to your local machine shop and let them replace the bearings.

-- Jim B (fixingelevators@sbcglobal.net), November 22, 2004.

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