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what does it mean when someone claims to be playing in a key. like playing a song in d minor or g magor for instance?

-- David Klieman (, November 20, 2004


Each key has certain notes which "belong" with it...they are the notes that make up the scale that starts on that note. For example, in C major the notes are C D E F G A B. In F major, the notes are F G A B-flat C D E. So if a song is in C major, it will mainly use those notes, and C will feel like "home".

People play in different keys in order to pitch a song more comfortably for singers, or because it's easier to play in some keys than others, or because they just like the feel/sound of a certain key...or because it was written that way.

-- Alice Dearden (, November 20, 2004.

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