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I have looked everywhere and i cannot find where the neutral light switch is located.... Is it located under a cover somewhere???.. Mine has not worked from new and i have been given a replacement but cant find a home for it...

-- Grant Paynter (, November 18, 2004


If you take a look between the RH frame plate and the rear shock reservior you'll see a wire that leads to the rear of the engine. Trace this wire and you'll find it. Before you replace the switch try wiggling the wire and/or unplugging the connection and reconnecting it. If that doesn't do the trick then you'll need to take the tank off to access the switch.

Take Care,

-- Todd G. Mazzola (, November 18, 2004.

Thank you.... I should have said f4 1000... I will look tonight...

-- Grant Paynter (, November 18, 2004.

Ok.. Just finished looking and there is no way i am going to even try and fit that switch... The lower fairings off, the tank off, the exhaust off, drain the engine oil, special tool to get in there..... I will put up with a cable tie around the side stand switch so it idles with the stand down.... Sheeshhhhhhhhhhhhh....... But thanks for the info anyway.......

-- Grant Paynter (, November 19, 2004.

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