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Has anyone with a Brutale changed there handlebars yet?

I have.....and what a difference! It rides like a completely new bike. Handles much better and looks amazing! The bars that I purchased are "Magura's" and Ducati uses them on there S4R monster. They are lower and more aggressive looking. Plus the feel/seating position is more aggressive too! I am 6'1" tall and always felt too upright on my bike. Now I am sitting a little more like I am on a superbike and strechted out more! But still very comfortalbe.

I would highly recommend them!

John USA, California

-- John Sbarro (, November 17, 2004


Yo! That is good for you, considering your size! It all depends, everyone is unique on their own little way. Some guys maybe 5 ft tall and may find it quite difficult. some guys is very well fitted with the standard set-up. You find it superb when you did your modifications. The most important is -- have a safe ride! Cheers!

-- AJ (, November 18, 2004.

It'd be great if you could post a picture.

I'm 5'10" and the Brutale's current geometry is near perfect for me. One reason I did not go for the Ducati Monster was its forward's just too uncomfortable a riding position for any rides longer than 15 minutes. Obviously, this is why I don't own an F4 either, much as I'd love to.

One day I hope to hit the track and I'm sure I'll then be looking for a more aggressive riding stance.

-- Tom Solimine (, November 18, 2004.

Hi, Do you have some pics. I have my Brutale for sale but will not be giving it away, so I will probably be keeping it. If I do I was thinking of some new bars and some adjustable rear sets. I am 6.2" and need a little more leg room and some wider bars. Are the bars you fitted wider? A slightly lower riding position would be no problem.


-- Brad Smith (, November 18, 2004.

Hi John, i wonder how you arranged the fittings etc which are in the original handlebar to fix the switchhousings and morriows, no problems with the throttle cabels lenght?...pls let me know, thank you and mv regards


-- diego (, November 19, 2004.

Thanks for all of you that responded!

I will try and post a picture as soon as I can. If I can't post them, then I will e-mail a picture to those who wanted one.

For Brad: The bars will make a huge difference for you! Being tall like me you will love the change. I was thinking of some rear sets too but I am still not sure which ones I like yet? With the new bars I feel more connected to the bike....I feel like I have more control and can respond to an emergency more efficiently!

For Diego: First I liked to complement you on you website! Nice job...I have it saved on my favorites and check for new things everyweek. Ajusting the fittings/switchhousings was not that difficult. You just have to have a few extra hands to help you see were they need to be mounted for clearance sake. There is about a 1/4" now between my directional switch and the gas tank/air box inlet. Holes were drilled in the new bars to help keep all switchhousings in place just like they were for the original bars. It worked out perfectly! The only cable that needed a little adjustment was the front brake cable....a minor upward ajustment of the fitting near the throttle was all that was needed to help the cable from hitting/rubbing on the lower front fender.

I love this bike! It is amazing and I don't get to ride it enough!!


-- John Sbarro (, November 27, 2004.

Thank you 4 the nice comment on -Diego

-- Diego (, December 05, 2004.

I just bought a brutale and am 6'1". I want to do teh bar conversion. Where did you buy them and who actually did the work? Find any solution to teh cramped factory rear set?


-- Nick Thomson (, February 11, 2005.


Do you have any pics? Where did you get them?


-- Carl Bartolomei (, February 16, 2005.

Does anyone have an OEM Brutale bar that is not being used?

I noticed that some of you guys were interested in a more aggressive bar... I have an S4R and I'm wanting to swap with a Brutale bar!!

If any one is interested in my S4R bar... let me know because is pretty wide and agressive!!

I'm only 5'5" so I prefer the Brutale riding position.

Thanks... Aaron

-- Aaron Luna (, March 04, 2005.

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