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I've been looking after a Stannah Stairlift mod 228 for a couple of years. Well-built unit. No prints of course. It seems to have a problem with a cube relay (soldered in, of course)or perhaps a bad contact on a cube in the ECU. It'll run up some, quit, run up some and quit, etc. Won't run down. Not fun to crank down by hand. It's located in Canada, don't know if the British version is different other than making the DC to run the beast. Tearing apart the ECU seems like a bad idea without some more info.

Anyone got a print they can share?

Best, Barry

-- Barry Duquette (, November 16, 2004


Had the same problem on a stannah stairlift in uk- changed up relay with down relay- problem persisted- maybe best to change up and down relays. If needed contact stannah technical dept in uk- they will help unlike other well known lift firms

-- kvs (, November 17, 2004.


I emailed Stannah, haven't heard back yet. So it makes sense to you that it is a problem with cubes in the ECU then?

Best, Barry

-- Barry Duquette (, November 17, 2004.

Seems best answer- other than a possible loose connection, its what it probably is- good luck with stannah- any more help, let me know...

-- kvs (, November 18, 2004.


I'm located in Ontario, Canada and am having similar problems with a Stannah 228. The unit worked fine 5 or so years when I set it up to test it. After 5 years and a move to my brothers house it would not work at all. Tested batteries and one was shot, two were questionable. Replaced all three ( good price at battery direct- $16.79 ea.- check out for locations)and was able to get intermitent opperation (up and down) over very short distances. I am at a loss to figure out what to try next.

If you manage to get any more information, drawings, or a solution to your problem, please pass it on. I will do the same.


John Weir

-- John Weir (, January 26, 2005.

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