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Yo! This discussion board is wonderful. It gives out a lot of information. Can anyone gives me the website or email address of anyone who manufactures both left & right clutch/brake levers or anyone who has extras who is willing to part with their precious parts. A friend is in need & getting these damn parts from an MV dealer is a pain in the ass. Any help would do.

Also, here is a link:


this was taken from the Pirates Lair website. Am trying to run a poll whom among these young ladies perfectly fits the beauty of our MV Agusta par-at- par? Who knows, you might get lucky and win a date with these young beautiful ladies.

Anybody who wants to pass this to FAST BIKES magazine is very much welcome! Cheers to us all good looking, ego-boosting, lucky & charming MV Agusta F4 owners!


-- AJ Adiviso (adiviso@hotmail.com), November 15, 2004



also Mv sells levers seperatly now, but how hard to get?

-- hb (not@vailable.com), November 16, 2004.

Two wweks ago I ordered here http://www.moto- mv.com/other_special_parts.htm a set of levers. A week later they were in my letter box. Very nice machined out of alu and unpainted. They fit perfect. He still a set on stock. Best regards Olav

-- Olav Geesing (olav.geesing@bluewin.ch), November 16, 2004.

Yo! How much if you don't mind me asking???

Thanks mate!

-- AJ (adiviso@hotmail.com), November 16, 2004.

There is a dealer in Sandiego California who got mine for me. GP motors was able to get both levers, though the front brake lever only comes with the master cylinder. The assmebly was around $250 and the clutch lever was abut $75. I hope this helps.

-- Cali-Kane (mvagusta@sbcglobal.net), November 17, 2004.

The pair from Moto MV costs 150.

-- Olav Geesing (olav.geesing@bluewin.ch), November 17, 2004.

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