Why is Shakespeare so popular?

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I'm currently enrolled in a Shakespeare class in college and I have chosen to write a research report on the popularity of Shakespeare. Any input would be much appreciated if anyone is interested.

My question is: Why do Shakespeare and his plays/other works continue to be so popular among so many different audiences?

I am essentially attempting to describe the draw of Shakespears works on audiences of all types; young and old, etc.

I appreciate any help that could be offered!

-- Charleen Publiski (char@tonster.com), November 15, 2004


Hi I am also writing an essay on a similar topic, but it is conjuction wiht one specific shakespeare play, Hamlet. 'Why do you think that Hamlet has been used in part or as a whole so extensivly by modern directors of both stage nad film?'

So far my arguement is that Shakespeare's plays all contain issues and characters that a modern day society can relate to, thus continuning their poularity. I hope this is some help and similarly to yourself I would appreciate any input you may have concerning my essay. caroline x

-- caroline oliver (cjoliver51@hotmail.com), December 15, 2004.

It could also be that they themselves find it very satisfying and enjoyable to act and direct, and even stimulating of ideas for fresh and original ways to make it both entertaining and thought-provoking to watch.

-- catherine england (catherine.england@arts.usyd.edu.au), December 15, 2004.

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