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Everytime there is a power loss to a few of my buildings, the dover hydro needs to be reprogrammed with the fast toool in order to run again. This area experiences several power outages...customer tired of getting charged for resets. Is there anything we can install or adjust so that the car will run with a simple reset of the mainline?

-- Renee Neal (, November 15, 2004


Possibly needs battery replaced on processor?

-- John (, November 15, 2004.

sound like you need to replace the ram battery on the clc board. You can find the battery at any Radio Shack

-- jeff fichera (, November 15, 2004.

Replace battery on CLC board in COP, repl. battery # CR 2430 3VDC. You can purchase at any place that sells calculator batteries.

-- Clark (, November 15, 2004.

My friend put a plastic insulator on a battery in one of the units I took over from him. Kind of a dirty little trick but we laughed about it. I have had them leave the bottom directional up a little to high so you couldnt run a good learn run the first time you lost the brains. Kids.

-- fixalift (, November 15, 2004.

You need a simple 3V Battery. There shoud be one in there. Connect it propely, Or change it. Hope this helps...

-- Rory (Lift, train and computer guy) (, December 08, 2004.

unfortunately there is no simple reset. I worked on one of these lifts this morning and from the information i've picked up on recently the battery in the panel on top of the car needs to be changed every 12 months. If this doesn't happen then whenever there is a power failure, the battery will lose it's charge therfore the lift will fail to operate normal service. Which would invole a full re-programming of the lift and a shaft learn. Taking into account the bottom limit which can cause problems?

-- Tim Carhart (, January 27, 2005.


Which planet do yo service DMC's on ? I want you working for me...

-- Willard Hartsock (, January 27, 2005.

If the battery is not keeping the information make sure the connection is good. They get bent sometimes from people changing the battery. Turn off mainline and check for voltage. Also you could burn the proms with the job specs as default.

-- Rich Moore (, January 27, 2005.

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