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I was arrested when I was 17 twice, once for possesion of burgulary tools and burgulary conveyance in the state of florida. I please no contest to both crimes and was never sentence to probation or jail time. in both my case ajudication was witheld by the judge. I applid for my citizenship and was denied in 2001 because they said it was less than 5yr since my last arrest(not in good moral standing). I've recently applied again for my citizenship and took my fingerprinting last month (oct 2004). I tried to get a copy of my records for the juvenile department but they told me it was destroyed once I reached age 24. Its beed 8+ years since I was arrested Can I be deported when I go for my interview?

-- Jay (, November 14, 2004


any response

-- jay (, December 26, 2004.

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