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Hi all,

Prior to this, I was travelling to students' house but since this year, I decided to teach in my studio and only 3 students would like to come. Till now, I haven't gotten the new ones yet.

I'm thinking to represent the recital but how if only have 3 students? My students are a teen-boy (gr 7,18 yo, two girls (gr 1, 11 yo, and preparation level, 6yo).

The teen-boy said, he dislikes perform on public so does the 11 yo. Only the 6yo, who interests to play on the recital (she is the cousin of the teen-boy). How I can represent the recital with this condition?

Many thanks in advance.

-- Vicky (, November 12, 2004


My first recital I only had seven students. I had each of them play two or three pieces, then I booked a "guest artist". This was one of my former students who had gone on to study flute at university. She played a flute solo and we played a duet. The whole recital took less than half an hour, then we had refreshments afterwards. Everyone enjoyed it, even though it was so small.

You might have a friend/colleague who would be a guest artist...also, what about combining recitals with another teacher? I did that one year as well.

As for them not being willing to play...perhaps because it will be so small, just their own families, they will be more willing? It's not like playing for a huge audience of strangers.

Good luck! Alice Dearden

-- Alice Dearden (, November 13, 2004.

Thanks Alice for your helpful advice.

-- Vicky (, November 14, 2004.

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