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I have been in communication with B&B for 6 years regarding a repossession from 13 years ago - all very traumatic, couldnt manage the mortgage after the birth of my son, with Mrs T's punitive mortgage rate rises etc etc.

They claim I owe 30,000 which they have doubled to 60,000 for court procedure. (statutory interest).

Numerous times I have asked them to take me to court, eventually after 6 years of my asking they decided they would, but recently I have been advised that I probably acknowledged the debt by accident when they first contacted me.

In the light of this I offered 5,000 which my Dad offered to stake for me (as I've been really ill with stress). We are on maximum child tax credits and working families tax credit - I have no income, they were told I will petition for my own bankruptcy.

BUT THEY HAVE REFUSED THE OFFER. What a waste of effort on my part. and theirs! I am going bankrupt next week. They will get nothing, so now the vultures will have to pay their own solicitors' fees (yes, plural solicitors DRYDENS then WRAGGE and CO). Their shareholders and insurers will get nothing either.

What a bunch of greedy ******S. I hope that the people who write the letters and make the decisions and direct the solicitors get what they deserve for all the misery they heap upon people like me.

Just sounding off really, but be careful and dont expect sensible decisions from them.

-- Suzannah Jones (, November 12, 2004



What you say doesn't surprise me, that's the type of society we have today. Under the new Enterprise Bill rulings you will be discharged after 12 months (maximum) and possibly less, though I expect you know all this already.

Don't forget, what goes around comes around :-).

Good luck for the future.


-- M Amos (, November 14, 2004.

Hi Suzannah,

Don't want to be the bearer of bad news but although what Mark says is somewhat correct if B&B can show you deliberately went bankrupt to avoid the debt they can extend the terms of bankruptcy - nasty I know!! My husband has just settled a 37,000 debt for B&B, via Drydens, using the IBAS (Independant Banking Advisory Service). For a small (much cheaper than legal fees) sum of 195 they take over your case and negotiate a settlement for you. I would give them a try first if you can, they were very, very good at telling us what to and what not to say. It has to be a better option than going bankrupt initially, and if it turns out bankruptcy is your only option then so be it. Good luck.

-- Chris (, November 15, 2004.

Naaa, go bankrupt. If you have no income then going bankrupt is the logical step to take. And B&B refused your offer, nothing they can do.

Ask the CAB, they will advise you on this, and I bet that they will say, GO BANKRUPT.

See my web site;


-- Zena (, November 19, 2004.

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