Looking for information about a twin-dory

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A few days ago I've bougt a row-sailing dinghy. The former owner called it a twindoly, but it seems te be a twin-dory. I am looking for al sorts of information that is available about this type of dory. Who can mail me any information about my new dory? It is a polywood dory and it came with a roadtrailer. So far I was not able to find any information on the www...

-- Wendy de Vries (wendelinedevries@ilse.nl), November 12, 2004


By any chance is the dory you bought this one?

http://www.qoop.nl/index.php?page=%2Fshowartikel.php%3FartikelID% 253D743220

And if not, can you send us a link to some photos?


-- Gary Powell (gwpowell@hotmail.com), November 12, 2004.

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