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Was wondering if there's a way of properly lowering an F4 SPR? My inseam is only 29.5" and I'm looking for ways to have my feet closer to the ground when I'm on the MV. Has anyone lowered these bikes before? I know they sell lowering links for Japanese Bikes like the Yamaha R6. Any info would be great! Thanks.


-- Ed (, November 10, 2004



The MV F4's were designed and manufactured with a rear ride height adjuster. It's the threaded assembly that is located immediately behind the rear shock absorber. Adjusting it will raise or lower the back end of the bike. If you do decide to lower the rear ride height remember that doing so will alter the handling characteristics of the bike (steering will be slower/less responsive). Also bear in mind that lowering the rear too much may result in the tyre contacting the muffler under full compression of the shock absorber.

The changed handling characteristics from the rear rided height adjustment can be countered by raising the front forks through the triple clamps. If you do this bear in mind the front tyre may contact the radiator under full compression of the forks.

Good luck........and enjoy that SPR ;-)

-- James (, November 10, 2004.


I hadmy MV (F4 SR) lowered as james described. I recommend not lowering the rear without corresponding adjustment to the from forks. I find the bike handles as well as the factory set up and feel more stable when stopped as my feet are closer to the ground!



-- Paul Rutherford (, November 14, 2004.


forgot to say, I had rear height down as low as possible, and dropped front by 10 mm.


-- Paul (, November 14, 2004.

Ed, To lower it any more than that will start seriously reducing the ground clearance.

Get yourself some nice platform shoes!

-- Mark M (, November 15, 2004.

Lowering the rear and raising the tubes in the triple clamp will reduce ground height, but will also increase wheelbase and trail to some degree. What this will do is indeed slow the steering some but will also make the bike more stable, though stability is not a problem to begin with. You could consider a lower profile tire, but becareful with this. The only other thin you could do is to modify the seat base and change the pad to a closed cell neopreme. If done right it can make it more comfy and give almost another inch of height reduction. Best of luck.

-- Cali-Kane (, November 17, 2004.

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