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Has anyone attempted or heard of a successful transplant of another inline 4 or a twin into the F4 chassis? And don't panic I am not tearing my own one apart I may have access to another rolling chassis and was contemplating fitting a twin or higher BHP jap engine into it. But rather then reinventing the wheel I thought I'd check with the board. Thanks Edu

-- Edu de hue (, November 09, 2004


Edu, I remember listening to Andres Goggi on a tape saying that MV had to run the cam chain in the middle of the motor to get the required stregth from the motor as an integrated part of the frame design, I think you need to remember this when thinking about other motors.

-- mike (, November 10, 2004.

And let me guess, none of the other Jap bikes run the camchain in the middle ? If I can't get a suitable inline or twin I guess I'll hunt down a second hand F4 engine. Can anyone recall which particular year was suitable for the big bore kit ?

-- Edu de hue (, November 10, 2004.

I think the best years to use big bore kits in was 2002 and on. I think there is less complication with the valves and valve stems according to what I've read. There's a place in Valdosta GA, I think it's Superbike Racing or something like that, that imports the big bore kits and they know all about putting the bigger injectors in and everything. Real nice blokes. The australian guy told me about $8000 to do everything necessary for the conversion.

-- Brian Ogle (, November 11, 2004.

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