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I'm actually writing for my parents (both approaching retirement).

Dad lost his half of the house after being bankrupted in the last recession. Despite repeated attempts to buy his half back since then, the files always seemed to be missing. Now, at the peak of the market the trustees are saying that if they do not settle the outstanding debt (35000 has become 75000 over the years) then they will sell the house.

My questions are can they actually force a sale if mum still owns 50%? Can they really add interest at 8% after a bankruptcy?

-- Tom Wait (, November 09, 2004


Hi Tom,

I have a friend who separated from her husband and because they had no dependants she was advised by a solicitor that he could force the sale of the house even though he only owed half.

I would seek some legal advice on this, it sounds very suspicious if your father has proof that the files were always missing when he asked.

-- Chris (, November 12, 2004.

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