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Hi all,

I've been taking a look at the Funaro & Camerlengo phosphate covered hoppers that were announced recently (and the ones that are already available), and I was wondering if any of you could tell me about the differences in the two cars they are offering - the Seaboard P-9:

6860 P-9 Phosphate Covered Hopper - Seaboard 58000-58199 Built 1935/6 6861 P-9 Phosphate Covered Hopper - Seaboard 58200-58574 Built 1947 6862 P-9 Phosphate Covered Hopper - Seaboard 58675-58974 Built 1950

and the ACL U-7:

6870 U-7 Phosphate Covered Hopper - Atlantic Coast Line 9200-9499 Built 1938-1941

Both cars look visually very similar to me, and I don't have any reference material that covers cars that old.

I'm interested in adapting one or both kits to model contemporary CSX cars like these:

I believe these cars may have been rebuilt or modified at some point, because Dave Casdorph's CSX Freight Car Review describes them as having rotary couplers and hinged roofs.

If anyone can provide some insight on modeling these cars in their later configuration with the F&C kits, or perhaps provide roof photos showing any changes made to these cars, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Dave Olsen Colorado Springs, CO

-- David R. Olsen (, November 08, 2004

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