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HI everybody. Im usually only working with photography but now i ended up doing a documentary in Santiago, CHILE.

Its a private budget(very limited) documentary. We are both 23 years old and their is no production company or other deals. Its a long story but its a very meaningfull documentary about the strugle of the chilean people. Its a nonprofit project all the money(If) we get will go to the people in this struggle... anyhow the problem is we need archivematerial such as old news clips and radio reports from 1973 and forward.. its not much, if the material is sufficient probebly around 6-7min... I talked to the swedish television and they charged 600euros for every started min. And that is just to much so im searching for alternative sources, internet? private? i dont know where im supposed to search...

any advice?


lars lindqvist, tarija, BOLIVIA

-- lars lindqvsit (, November 07, 2004



Most commercial tv services ie, CNN, ABC, BBC, etc. charge a ton for footage as they have the rights to it, and they have to pay an intern or assistant to pull the footage. You might try to contact some non-profits or other filmmakers who have already attained footage and the rights. Since it is a doc, you may just have to obtain the footage and not the rights, and other filmmakers or just history buffs could be of help.

You might want to try the internet archive. I think it is at Everything there is free use. Also post on sites like Craigslist asking for help from anyone. As the footage is probably already in the hands of many.

Good luck.

-- Ian Shifrin (, November 16, 2004.

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