fascism in the usa....

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i'm sick of politicians telling us lies all the time

i'm sick of the fictive terrorists that they created

i'm sick of making of our young ppl killers and sending them to useless wars

i'm sick of george w. bush and everyone who supports him and his actions financially or in any other way

i'm sick of everyone who doens't realize that we are nothing but slaves in the land of the free,that we can't decide ourself what has to happen in our country

the idea that some bunch of idiot greedy liars decide the things here is insane

and everyone who doesn't realize that is insane also

i mean this is OUR country we are here the only ones who should decide what has to happen and what not not that bunch of fuckers in the gouvernement we do not live in a democracy we live in a crazy sick fascistic system we have to work 8 hours a day,7 days a week give our fuckin tax money to that bunch of maggots in the gouvernement ,who never did anything good for us

i want direct democracy

i want to choose


PS: ...1984 has passed a long time ago

-- nathan de winter (de_nathan_winter@msn.com), November 07, 2004


yeah man i totally agree with you

but how the hell are we going to get our country back, while so many dickheads are convinced that bush&co are right?

-- martin (yahooooo92@msn.com), November 08, 2004.

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