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hi, i am in this country in f1 status and and also my father who is permanent resident have applied for my green card as a under 21 child catagory in the moth of nov,2002.But i am going to be 21+ (over) in january 2005.Is there any other way i can still get the green card as a child?I hard about a new law child act,is that still gonna help me?if it please let me know and then i can contact with u! thanks

-- sabbir (, November 04, 2004


It depends on what country you are from, when your father filed the application, whether it was decided by the INS yet, and whether your father is likely to become a citizen soon. Does he have a citizenship application pending? Has the family application been approved yet, or has he only received a receipt?

-- Michael Boyle (, November 04, 2004.

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