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Hey all, Our office breakrom has a delonghi cafe verona espresso machine. IT makes great espresso, but no one can seem to figure out why the steam doesn't come out the wand? Does anyone have a user manual for this machine? Can anyone help us unravel this mystery? It seems to have become an office quest :)

Thanks! Ali

-- Ali (, November 04, 2004


I have the same machine (Cafe Verona / Model Bar 18) and used it for several years, mostly straight espresso.

Manual is long lost. Best GUESS is that the steamer head is clogged, probably with old milk.

Email me directly with DETAILS of what you are doing - picture of the front of the machine (make certain we are looking at the same unit)would be great. The following link has replacement parts for a reasonable price


-- pat (, December 15, 2004.

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