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Being pursued for repossession debt in 1999. I am not working being supported by a new partner. I have other debts from living in the repossessed house and struggling at that time. Can any one advise a course of action. Each time I speak to the collection agency I advise I am unable to pay this debt. They have suggested my partner write saying he supports me.

-- Milly (, November 04, 2004


Any advice would be appreciated. I am now engaged on a temporary contract and would expect to have some disposable income but am seeking advice from the CAB and am concerned they may want to make an I&E form to send to the lender which will commit me to paying back this debt. Can anyone help?

-- Milly (, November 25, 2004.

Move to another place, if you can and start a new life. Do not let debt rip you apart. If you can sell the house the better. Life itself is vainity.

-- dijo Mensha (, December 01, 2004.

Have moved to a small housing association flat. Just at my wits end about how to deal with the whole situation. Keep being chased everytime i try to move on.

-- Milly (, December 04, 2004.

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