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I wouldn't normally ask this but am at a point of frustration!

I am considering buying a Peinert Dolphin but have not bee able to locate one to get a quick demo in. And with the water getting cold our days are limited. They appear either to be leased out or the retailers have sold them. I live in the greater Springfield area and have yet to bump into anyone local that has one.

If there is anyone in Mass, Ct, RI, NH, or S. Maine that would be kind enought to let me try their's out if ever so briefly i'd be eternally gratefull!!!

I row their X25 and P26 at our club but we do not have a rough water Dolphin. I'm lighter (140ish) so want to see how it sets up and feels with a lighter crew.

Thank You Ken

-- Ken Condon (, November 03, 2004


Did you try calling Paul Milde at Peinert directly? 508-758-3020. I am pretty sure he is out of town until this Friday but he might have a demo that you could row out of his shop in Mattapoisett.

-- Gary Piantedosi (, November 03, 2004.

Thanks Gary,

I had been speaking with him and left a message earlier this week on that subject. I figured he might be away as he usually responds pretty quickly. Iím hoping he does as we will be at our familyís place at the cape next weekend.


-- Ken Condon (, November 03, 2004.

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