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Hi my name is Alan and I came here legally about 4 years ago from Poland with my parents. We all got visas exept my sister which stayed back in Poland. While my visa was still legal I went to Middle school. Right now i'm a junior in High school with no Social Security and I would like to go to collage but i overstayed in Us and i don't have aby legal papers. My Dad has legal s.s. and him and my mom pay taxes. I would like to ask You what are my options to legalise my status (if there are any). I'm planning to marry a US citizen but i'm not sure if that's a good idea. Also one more question, about 2 yers ago my sister came on someone else's passport. She is one year younger than me and she also attends to high school. Can she do anything to somehow legalize her status?

-- Adam (, November 02, 2004


Getting married to a U.S. citizen may resolve your situation. You would need to speak to an attorney to make sure there are no unusual problems. (Your appear to be a little young. If your spouse is not yet 18, you will have problems.) Other options are harder to pick out from your email. If your father got his Social Security number because he has legalized somehow, that might provide options fo ryou another family members. Your sister's entry with someone else's passport would make her case much more difficult to resolve than yours.

-- Michael Boyle (, November 04, 2004.

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