Dumbwaiter shaft Fire Rated?

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I am using a dumbwaiter in a building classified as A-3. The dumbwaiter shaft begins on the first floor and ends in the attic. The building, including the attic is sprinklered. Does this need to be a fire rated shaft?

-- Dena (ddearborn@graham-meus.com), November 01, 2004


I would have thought if it is fire rated, it will be ok for 1 hour if fire breaks out,instead,I would think due to electrical regs. a foam or powder sprinkler would have to be fitted(depends on what country your in)

-- kvs (groucho9@aol.com), November 01, 2004.

If the dumbwaiter runs from 1st floor upwards is there a possibility of someone being under the shaft at the ground level? Here,in the UK,you would need to fit safety gears to BOTH car and counter-weight if that was possible.

-- geoff judge (geoffjudge@bchtgroup.org), November 02, 2004.


A good example of two countries divided by a common language. I think that our American friends start counting with the Ground floor designated "First" This was started as a marketing tool many years ago to make buildings sound bigger. There are now shops within the UK that have renumbered lift (elevator)floors for the same purpose. - really confusing for us europeeans.

Anyway, the answer to all fire rating questions is - All of the lift shaft and entrances MUST comply with the local Fire Authority Code for the use to which the building is being put. - Private house, public building, entertainment venue, restaurant etc..

No matter what you do, the Certificating Officer can always ask for extra measures depending on the risk percieved by him (her), or by how awkward you are to comply when they visit.



-- theliftman (theliftman@hotmail.com), November 30, 2004.

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