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Hi There, I have heard mention of DMC 2 is that what Tac 20 is also called. As far as I know there is DMC-1, DMC 1-A with no selector just switches, DMC 1-M for modernization and TAC -20, did I leave any out. Thanks Jim

-- Jim (, November 01, 2004


Hi Will, what is the differance from a TAC 20 to a TAC 22 to a TAC 20- 03, But I have heard of a TACO, I like the BEEF model. Jim

-- Jim (, November 01, 2004.

Hey Bill Tell us about the schooling. How many hours? Hands on? How big a manuel did you get? TK has told one of our customers it's nonproprietary with the OST do you disagree?

-- joe (, November 02, 2004.

Hi Will, I understand that the Tac-20-03 is a serial LON to CAN network same as the TAC-50-03. Didnt they have trouble with a big Tac- 50-03 job in Ney York. Thanks, Jim

-- Jim (, November 03, 2004.

not aware of any trouble with any TKE product thats out in the field, also found out there is a TAC 20-04 and a TAC 50-04, plus a version of the DMC called DMC-1C. can anyone tell me what a 1C is ? I know the answer, just curious who may know.

-- Will (, November 04, 2004.

Just before thyssen bought out dover, dover was ready to come out with the dmc2. The sprint complex in overland park, ks has 67 dmc2. The rest of the country has about 15-20. Dmc2 are tac 20 with a switch tree and require specific job files for the 188e.

-- Richard (, January 08, 2005.

you better re-do your math, there are DMC2's everywhere. they are now called a TAC20. these are very dependable, extremely smart elevators. a lot smarter than most that work on them.

-- Will (, January 08, 2005.

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