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Had to get you all to look somehow. The question for today is, what is everybody's opinion on gun control? I know that a lot of local elections have been lost due to candidates not getting behind the 2nd amendment and/or the NRA.

What do you guys think about gun control? Is the 2nd amendment defunct? Shit, I think everyone that wants a gun in their home should be able to have one. If you want to carry one around in public, go right ahead. I guess the big stink is due to assault rifles like the AK-47 and the AR-15. Should there be a ban on these?

-- Pasta (, October 30, 2004


Haha, Pasta, we would have looked anyway... but now I'm disapointed... :D

Anyway, owning a gun is your right. I don't think it needs to be taken away, not in the slightest. It does need to be strictly enforced though. Very, very, strictly enforced. You want a .22? Sure, take it home. A shotgun? Can I see some ID? A handgun? 5-7 day background check, and if you have kids, a mandatory gun lock, or proof that you own and will equip a gun lock. An A-fucking-K 47? How about no. I can understand wanting to arm yourself, it's not something I have much qualm with. It's just these people who have dozens of weapons, with things like automatic rifles. (can be very easily obtained with another easily-obtainable permit, lest you be a felon.) What is the need to have a automatic rifle? Or even a semi-automatic rifle, recently legalized. If there is an intruder in your house, a well placed shot from a .45 will put him down. A shotgun, which my family owns, is also quite adept at stopping an armed intruder. By tearing him half. So why could you possibly need an AK-47 for home defense? Is it not a single burgaler, but an army of ninjas? I think that people in this country should be happy they have the right to own a diverse array of weaponry, and yes, there should be a ban on military-class weapons like the AK-47 and AR-15. No one needs these, not for anything short of raising an army. And isn't that the last thing anyone wants?

-- U must Feers Me (, October 30, 2004.

the 2nd amend. says for militia puropses it never says every citizen has the right to keep weapons. it says state militias have the right.

-- Lt. Breeden (Annuanki, October 30, 2004.


The Bill of Rights was insisted on by some of the founders to protect *individual* rights. Would you care to show me WHERE in the Second Amendment it mentions state militias? It doesn't. Don't give up your birthright.

Bazooka Joe

-- 2 (1@3.4), October 30, 2004.

its not a birth right to own a gun any more than it is a birth right to watch tv or drive a car. its either an item you have or haven't. if you havent then its tough shit. I'm from the UK and they have some sorta "crack down" on gun crime where theyre destroying random weapons they find. However if you actually know anything about guns you can see that these weapons are the kind that you cannot legally buy in this country and therefore arent going to be registered anyway which takes the whole point out of gun registration, and secondly the tossers who are going to go rob someone with a gun arent going to be the kind of people who are going to be affected by these crack downs since they are going to be able get hold of them anyway. Anyway the point of this rant is that scared people in this country are having a go at people who have registered weapons. The government doesnt try to tell anyone that hardly any of these gun crimes are commited by people with registered guns. Also it doesnt occur to people that if you are going to use a gun to shoot somebody you're not going to be using a registered firearm. I cant remember why i started typing this stuff now or what my point was... so um... bye

-- ho hum (, October 31, 2004.


Sorry you live in the U.K. then. In the U.S. "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." "keep and bear" in modern English means "own and carry". This is a RIGHT, whereas driving a car is a PRIVILEGE. Big difference slim.

In America a citizen DOES have the RIGHT to own a gun.

Bazooka Joe

-- 2 (1@3.4), October 31, 2004.

owning a gun is not a right. it might say it is in your constitution but that doesnt mean jack. in this world there is only what you can get and what you can hold onto.

-- ho hum (, November 01, 2004.

Wow good way to get people to view your post. Just put up something that has to do with porn and your bound to get a reply.

-- Crisis (, November 02, 2004.

Thank you for that totally useless, worthless reply.

-- Pasta (, November 03, 2004.

WTF what is the point of baning a gun if somone wants to kill someone you dont pull out a 45 or a machine gun you get a knife or a blowgun with poison. With a blowgun its puff, leave with a 45 its boom, run like a ass then get busted by the cops.

-- a (a@a.a), December 20, 2004.

Criminals are going to get guns whether they are legal or not. If a murderer wants a gun, he will have no trouble obtaining one, no matter how many laws you enact. The only people who WON'T be able to have guns anymore are the law-abiding citizens. Banning guns just doesn't work. Now, that said, we should have **SOME** limitations on guns. Minors, convicted felons, mentally ill, and retarted people shouldn't be allowed to buy guns. That's just common sense. There should be background checks and three-day waiting periods. Again, common sense. Make sure they are who they say they are, and they have a clean record, and make them wait a little while so they don't buy a gun on impulse. And for God's sake, DON'T SELL FUCKING TECH-9 BULLETS AT K-MART. Jesus.

-- Anti-Bush (, December 20, 2004.

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