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I am looking for information on the following: I have acquired 2 handsome antique wood single rowing sculls. Painted blue tops, red tipped oars. 22 ft. w/15 ft. oars. One named: Heaton the other Frizing Hall. Made by Salter Bros. Ltd., Oxford, England. Perhaps, from Oxford University? History? Age? Current value? The Salter Brothers date back to 1858. Originally building boats. Thanks, Susanne

-- Susanne Bradley (, October 29, 2004


Heaton is a suburb of Bradford, West Yorkshire. Adjoining it, bordering the neighbouring town of Shipley, is the suburb of Frizinghall. "Frizing Hall" is the name of a manor house that once stood in Frizinghall. It may be no coincidence that Bradford Grammar School stands at the edge of both suburbs- the only school in the area which has over the years regularly sent good numbers of pupils to Oxford and Cambridge. Don`t know if they have a rowing club, but suspect they do. The River Aire at Saltaire is probably the only suitable stretch of water - Shipley Rowing Club is there. This is most likely where Bradford Grammar would row also. The oars are no doubt connected with the school/rowing club.

-- mark scrimshaw (, January 16, 2005.

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