Otis Escalator Steps Replacement Responsibility

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We have an Otis escalator in NY installed in late 60's, Otis has maintained the system under full service maintenance agreement since installation. The razor edges of the step treads are broken on in multiple locations on all 59 steps. Otis refuses to change the steps under the contract stating the damage is not normal wear & tear and wants $40,000 to perform the work. Any opinions or similar experience?

-- r a m (projectconsultants@yahoo.com), October 27, 2004


Full Maintenance

Welcome to the true value of a full maintenance contract. Did you really think every thing would be covered? Why would anyone sell you such a contract if they knew it wouldn't make them money?

The only way your contract is liable for repairs is if you can prove whose responsibility it is. Are the razor edges broken on each tread in the same place? Find out how they broke off and you will find your answer!

Best of luck,


-- Jon (qqqqqqqqqqq@qqqq.com), October 28, 2004.

It's not normal wear and tear. The steps were ruins by someone dropping something on the escalator. Like a screw. As the escalator ran it chewed up all the steps. I've seen it many times. I would never pay $40,000 just so the steps looked better. Besides it might happen again!

-- joe (whobwho@yahoo.com), October 28, 2004.

what model is it, I have worked on various units over the years and have found various contacts in my home area for simple tread repairs we have in the past removed steps and had them tig welded and then milled out again it can be quite cost effective if the one shop can do it, depending on the amount of damage and this type of work can be a roll over project or if a say half a dozen steps are bought they can be used reducing the units downtime. its interesting to note the exclusions on full comp contracts ie, vandalism, avalibility most parts only need to be manufactured for 20 yrs support, artectrical fixtures or add ons are some others not always covered.

-- mike (mikes2675@yahoo.com.au), November 08, 2004.

Otis has this one right. Step tread wear as you describe, is not normal wear.

-- Richard Orr (rorr503@msn.com), November 09, 2004.

That all depends on what causing the wear, and the terms of your contract. A misalined head, worn step chains, or other maintenance issues could cause the treads to strike the comb teeth and break, or wear either one. However the likely cause of the damage, if its random, would be forgien object dropped into the treads. I would suggest hiring a consultant to take a look at it for you.

-- Mike Lardner (mlardner@lardnerelevator.com), November 23, 2004.

Most of the responses given here are correct IF the wear is at any point other than the edge of the steps. If the wear is at the edges of the step treads then it has come from not maintaining the step to skirt clearance and would be the responsibility of Otis.

-- patrick a carrajat (lickem@cblconsult.com), December 18, 2004.

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