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Just a general enquiry really about statute of limitations in Scotland and Wales. Is there any difference? Mainly in the debt recovery field what are the statute of limitations in England and Scotland?

-- julianne sproston (, October 27, 2004


There is a considerable difference between the Limitations Act in Scotland/England. My understanding is that in Scotland the creditor has to actually raise a court action for the recovery of a debt within either 5 or 5 years. If they don't I understand the recovery debt would be time barred.

I'm not an expert but I think this is correct.


-- Moira (, November 02, 2004.


As Moira says Scottish law and English law differ. I think Moira intended to write 5 years for Scotland and 12 years for England. But as always check it out with a qualified lawyer both Scottish and English.


-- M Amos (, November 02, 2004.

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