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As a reasonably happy Brutale owner, I am thinking about buying an F4 1000. In several reviews of the bike (e.g. the most recent Bike Magazine which has a joint test of the Mv, the Duc 999R, and the Honda 1000) and in owner commentary here and on the Yahoo forum, complaints about poor fueling are noted. The throttle response is described as "sharp," "imprecise" and "unpredictable." In the Bike test, the fueling issues on two different specimens were enough to consign the MV to last place.

I am curious: how have you 1000 owners been dealing with this? Does the Power Commander offer a good solution? Are alternative eproms available and do they make a difference on the fueling?

(On my BMW, I found that the Rhinewest aftermarket chip made a huge difference in improving throttle response and fueling.)

Do alternative chips exist for the MV?

-- doug greenig (dgreenig@yahoo.com), October 26, 2004



I have NO issues at all with throttle response, flat spots, or anything with my F4 AGO. You will get use to a RESPONSIVE throttle with a load of MUSCLE as you learn how about your new friend. It has taken me a matter of months to be comfortable handling this BEAST.


-- Peter Frechie (Reopropf@aol.com), October 28, 2004.

Ive got an MV 1000

The fuelling does take a bit of getting used to. Part of the problem is the sheer power of the bike, a small twist of the throttle transmits to a lot of extra horsepower.

When I first got my bike I had great difficulty in controlling this power but 3 months down the line its starting to make sense. It helps to use the power higher up the rev range (7000 +)

Baines Racing have stated that there is a factory upgrade eprom which will become availabe soon which should tame the bike a bit also removal of the cat will also help or fitting the straight through pipes with the RG chip will also help

-- JAMES WADDICOR (james@waddicor16.freeserve.co.uk), November 01, 2004.

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