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What is the importance of Fortinbras in Shakespeare's Hamlet?

-- Rohan Arjun (, October 26, 2004


Fortinbras is very important to establish a parallel to hamlet (has lost a father too and uncle took over kingdom), but is also somewhat different in the fact that he is very decisieve and foreful, while Hamlet is rather lethargic to the revenge of his father. When Fortinbras' troops are moving to take some of Poland, Hamlet chides himself on being so cowardly, and Fortinbras effectively moves him to expedite the vengeance process. Also, Fortinbras is portayed as a strong and positive leader which juxtaposes that of Claudius, whose kingdom is filled with deceit and shemes. Fortinbras wants revenge and justice for his father's death, but Claudius plots for mere self gain. Some say that Fortinbras serves as the model for leadership that Shakespeare attempts to portray.

-- Aaron (, December 05, 2004.

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