hydraulic elevator with an elex control and GMV valves

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How can I adjust the right comfort of my elevator thru the valves? Im using GMV valves with soft starter, and I can't adjust the right comfort from its valves, VMP,VMD,VML etc.

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-- antonio m domantay (jksa_joshua@yahoo.com), October 25, 2004


Does this GMV tank have a yellow coloured box on top of it? Inside this box is a PCB, which controls the valves. The valve adjusting levers are normal screws. To adjust the valve settings you need an electronic tool from GMV.

Does your elevator have this? Or does it have adjusting levers on the side of VML, VMP? What model is the GMV valves? it is usually printed on the tank lid or on the side of the valve block, ie 3010, 30102CH ??

-- TW (liftfixer@hotmail.com), October 26, 2004.

To give a soft start in up direction check to see VMP only energises on start up and then de-energise after approx 2 Sec, VMP should then close as per the adjustment on side of VMP Block. To give soft stop in up direction energise VMP before the elevator pump is de-engised you will notice if you push the VMP valve in before it completes final stop the elevator will stall. VMP should not be enegised the entire up travel. If you need a write up let me know.

-- Phil (ledgard.services@bigpond.com.au), October 26, 2004.

All the above is correct, but to achive the best ride quility we seems to forget the mechanical involvement of car frame, guide shoe, guides and others. also could a combination of both. good luck.

-- (mo_is2@hotmail.com), October 27, 2004.

first of all please advise valve type and other details 3010 EN 3010 2CH 3010 2CH SS email circuit diagrams to me as there could be circuit fault detail exact nature of ridefault ie starting jerk, slowing, stopping capacity of lift speed of lift age of lift has problem just ocurred or has it been evident from time of installation

-- warren darley (lifts@elex.com.au), November 03, 2004.

dear sir, i want a control circuit for elevators.

-- mohammed ahmed alquissi (mohammed83_20@yahoo.com), February 26, 2005.

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