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The society offered the SAL passsenger light and dark greens some years ago and long since sold out. Does anyone have a formuls for mixing these colors from existing model flex or Polly S colors?

The only formula I have is from an ancient Walthers painting publication wising the old Floquil paints: Lt Green 1 part #47 Jade Green 4 parts #44 Depot Olive 20 parts #11 White

This was right on for the SAL light green when I mixed it back in the early '70s. The White and Depot Oliver seem to have survived as Polly S however Jade Green is gone and is replaced by NYC jade Green which may or may not be the same color. I'm not sure what this concoction will produce

Any help will be appreciated.

The Dark green has survived apparently as Polly S. The Walthers book showed this as correct for the roof and ends as sold.

Bill McCoy

-- Bill McCoy (, October 24, 2004

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