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my boyfriend has been here for one year. i do not know the status of how he got here but he is from mexico and he has a ss card (i don't know if it is legal or not) he also has a card from the department of justice that expires in one year. he wants to marry me but i have no idea what we would need to do to be married legally. i would like information that i could pass along to him as well.i feel like he is most likely illegal but i do not know for sure. i understand that this process can be very long and complicated. i need the most information possible . i feel i love him and would like to be his wife but i am afraid that he will not be legal here and that this would be very complicated for us. i have been married twice before and am divorced, however, i have been told that this will not be an asset when filing for his papers and it may also cause him to be refused. is this true? also i don't even know what papers to apply for or to file. do i file? does he file? how do i marry him and make sure he is eligible to be a legal citizen and to reside with me for the rest of our lives? i have a 4 year old daughter from a previous marriage as well. she really likes him and he likes her as well. i would like for him to not only be my spouse but a father to her as well. i know this is a lot of questions but i don't even know where to turn for information that will be reliable. i live in georgia near atlanta. i ran across this website on the internet and i hope you ca

-- amy wolfe (, October 23, 2004

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